Duvet or not to Duvet…

Guest Bedroom Duvet

I don’t know about everyone else, but I get in these modes where there is no stopping me. I think up the best, most creative projects (or so I think), and I go out and say, “I can totally make this myself.”

 For those of you that don’t know, duvet covers range from about $80 to who knows how much, but I could not find one I liked that wasn’t at least $150. As a conscientious wife, I  knew my husband would never go for me buying a duvet cover for our sometimes used guest room. Thinking I’m the master of all things, I went right to Joann Fabrics without missing a beat and set out to buy fabric to make my own.

It seemed like a perfectly simple plan! First, figure out how big a queen-sized comforter is and buy double that much fabric. So I did! The problem came when the spool of fabric’s width wasn’t wide enough. After discussing options with the fabric lady, I opted for putting 3 pieces  of the same length together. Then, I realized my idea of putting a bunch of buttons or a zipper with my amateur status might be overzealous, so she suggested Velcro as an option for closing the remaining unsewn portion of the duvet. $40 later, I was on my way.

I put this project off for a long time after I bought the fabric because I started working again and I was a little nervous about what I got myself into. After Christmas, I found some time and dedicated an evening to creating this duvet before we hosted again.

I started by laying all my fabric out and cutting three equal pieces. Each of these pieces was going to wrap around to the back as well for me to add a seam through all of them at the end.  I sewed each piece together with minimal struggle and then became the hard part:


So much fabric!! I wanted to get the edges even, so I had to move out into the living room to lay it all out. I pinned and pinned and pinned!


Keep in mind, I’m about 4 hours in at this point… 4 hours!! I thought it would maybe take 1-2 hours haha, but it was worth it… Once I had the fold over part sewn closed and the extra seam, I just had to sew the Velcro.

At this point, I was looking at it thinking, this looks really big… I wonder if there is too much fabric here. I paused, grabbed my tape measure, and went upstairs to measure the actual queen-sized bed I was using this for. Of course, I had somehow in my crazy escapade at the fabric store, over bought. Thank goodness I caught this because after all those hours, I would have been so defeated if it didn’t fit.  Another seam to trim it down, some Velcro stitched on, and 5 hours later, here is the finished product! Can’t wait to show you guys what I did with the accent wall in this room!! (Sneak peek in the first image)Duvet5

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