Feedback {March 2016 Week #2}

March is all about self-awareness. This week I’m working on seeking feedback to get a true gauge of my output into the world.

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How to Make a New Canvas Look Retro

Retro Canvas for an Engagement Gift

So, one of my favorite cousins just got engaged (woot woot!!). Being that she’s a lover of DIY and crafts too, I decided to make her an engagement gift rather than purchasing one for her engagement party.

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Introduction: {March 2016 – Week #1}

Welcome to the Positivity Challenge!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to change my outlook,” “I wish I could think positive thoughts before negative ones,” “I don’t want to get angry at the drop of a hat,” “I wish I was a more positive person, but I’m too busy to worry about that now.”

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Duvet or not to Duvet…

Guest Bedroom Duvet

I don’t know about everyone else, but I get in these modes where there is no stopping me. I think up the best, most creative projects (or so I think), and I go out and say, “I can totally make this myself.”

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Laundry Room Makeover

No one wants ugly rooms, especially not the room the use regularly... First room I changed when I moved in was the laundry room. Check out my laundry room makeover! Want more? Sign-up of our newsletter:

Welcome to my very first decorating adventure! For many reasons, I was hellbent on creating a feel-good laundry room as my first room to change in our new house.

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