Intro to Mindfulness in the Morning {April 2016 Week #1&2}

Goal: Mindfulness in the Morning

My spring break blogging hiatus has come to an end! I took a one week blog-cation and I’m revived and ready to go! Last month was my let’s try this becoming self-aware thing and I gained a lot of insight. You can read about my struggles of seeking feedback here and more about what I did throughout the month for week 1week 2, and week 4 here.

One of my discoveries last month was that I may be the worst morning person ever in the history of people waking up. Of the things I owned about myself, the things I wanted to slightly alter, and the things I really wanted to change, not waking up happy was part of the “change it” category. I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness and how it can help you be more able to make the changes you want to see in yourself. Therefore, April is my “Mindfulness in the Morning” month.

I’ve gotten a head start on what I am like in the morning by experimenting with waking up without snoozing (check out what I discovered here). It has been an interesting trial! If you are interested in waking up happier, you will want to read that post before beginning your Mindfulness in the Morning quest. After my discovery of what it’s like to not snooze, I’m adding on by creating a focus to be more mindful to start my day.

You may be asking yourself, what is this “mindful” topic even mean? According to my google search, mindfulness is 1) the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something and 2) a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. As my brother would say, this may be a little hippy-dippy for your taste, but I’d like to think of myself as not so much hippy-dippy, but more looking for proven techniques that help me reach my goals.

Research on Mindfulness

Many people before me have discussed the definition and benefits of becoming mindful, so I will direct you to their expertise via the following links. This one here is worth the quick read to get you started on what mindfulness is all about. Another great set of articles is written by Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. She goes a little more in-depth into the nine essential qualities of being mindful and how it relates to the pursuit of happiness. The benefits of mindfulness, according to the Help Guide, are plentiful. I encourage you to read these brief articles if you, too, are interested in working on becoming more mindful. These pro’s on the subject are my guide to fulfilling my mindfulness goals.

My Plan for Mindfulness in the Morning

My plan to become more mindful in the morning will begin in small, manageable stages that I think I can complete without a lot of stressing involved. This week (I did this last week too), I am going to continue to work on not snoozing and taking a few deep, purposeful breathes before jumping into my daily routine. I figure these are two steps, but simplified. The key for me is not starting my day with a mind full of things to-do even if it is for mindfulness (play on words haha). If I set this system up where I have to think of too much right away, I know I won’t do it, so 1) don’t snooze and 2) breathe deeply.

I’ve read a lot about keeping a gratitude journal and I feel like that is one of those things that seems very intuitive to me – think about what your grateful for, write it down, and be happier. Thinking about it and writing it allows you to use a couple of your senses to bring positivity to the forefront of your thoughts. So, next weeks add-on for me will be to use my meditation and journal apps to help me set up my day with intention and gratitude (my app roundup will be posted next week when I begin my gratitude journal, so you know how I’m managing this task with as much ease as possible).

For the last week of April, I’m hoping to continue not snoozing, practicing mindfulness using my guided apps, and keeping my gratitude journal. The only other thing I am going to add will be taking time to declutter some areas of my home. I imagine most people feel the same way, but when I see clutter, I feel cluttered. It becomes harder for me to take deep breaths and enjoy the moment when all I can think about is my clutter-filled living spaces. The one that’s got me on edge lately is our garage. We never fully moved in to that particular space, so it’s a lot of mish-mosh every where. It doesn’t help that I walk out of my house through the garage multiple times a day, so the stress continues to build. My hubby and I have it in the calendar to focus on organizing and de-cluttering the garage before the month is finished.

I hope you will join me! If you have questions or concerns, click here to email me directly.

Are you a morning person or not so much (like me)? Leave a comment below about what you think of the Mindfulness in the Morning goal.

With love,

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