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We've all been there. You walk into someone's home and instantly want to move in. You may even pick a bedroom as your own because you never want to leave. With the perfect fusion of personality, comfort, and style,  they have managed to create an entire home that makes you feel like you just received the best hug ever. How they attained such a purely blissful feeling may, at the same time, be completely mystifying. You might even think, yeah right, I could never make that happen at my house. But, as your home decor cheerleading team, we're here to tell you...


Launched in December 2015, Positively Bliss was born to help you do just that. We understand no two homes are the same which is why we focus on adding a little DIY to every room. We are here not only to offer how-to's and inspiration, but also to instill confidence to make it happen. You won't find a bunch of major renovation-type items, but rather doable projects along with decor ideas to make your home unique. 

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Now... who is the team captain behind all this wonderfulness?

Glad you asked! Hi, I'm Christin (pronounced Chris-tin)... a.k.a. Mrs. Ciz! I am an Irish girl with a passion for creating a blissful home sprinkled with a touch of DIY. Searching for the ideal "Welcome Home" feeling for my home (and yours!) is my mission. This past summer, quite a few major life changes happened... my now husband was promoted, we moved out of state, bought our forever home, and got married all within three months... talk about a whirlwind!

We looked at 26 houses in two days and it was the last one we saw. With a little love, we could see it was the one. When we moved in, too many walls were crimson and cream (if you've ever lived in Indiana, you know what I mean), there was brass everything, but a lot of potential. The "bones," as they say, were great, but it didn't feel like us... yet.

With our families hours away and my hubby getting settled into a new role, I needed more hugs. So, I woke up one day and decided my home would have to be the one to do it... and Positively Bliss was created! Everything you see here is an authentic account of my process in trying to reach this #homehug goal. Stay a while and soak it in! Inspiration awaits!

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